"The more bravura and extremely entertaining performances come from the characters who are some of Carroll’s weirdest: Heath Saunders and Kim Blanck as the two halves of the Caterpillar, tempting Alice into forbidden pleasures. Blanck is also lovely as the Cheshire Cat, who is something of a spiritual guide here."
          Loren Noveck, Exeunt NYC

"Heath Saunders climbs out and forward as the seductive Caterpillar, singing the engaging 'Chillin’ the Regrets' with an assist from Kim Blanck, who also thrills with her role of the Cheshire Cat."
          Steven Ross, Times Square Chronicles

"Kim Blanck is fun as the mysterious Cheshire Cat, a creature with a long-lasting grin and couched words of wisdom for those who take the time to listen. She also works well as Tabatha, one of the people Alice interacts with in the tunnels."
          Judd Hollander, The Epoch Times

"The Playbill lists two understudies, [including] one woman, Kim Blanck, who covers Olivia, Maria, Feste even, and the leading role of Viola, which she played at our performance. Imagine being up on all those lines and cues, and at least 100 entrance-exits. Ms. Blanck was not only letter-perfect and, to my eyes, always right-place, right-time. Her lovestruck Viola-Cesario had all the requisite charm, timing and humor the role demands."
          Philip Dorian, Scene on Stage

"One standout of standouts, though, is Kim Blanck. She has a mid-show showstopper during which you'll be daydreaming about her accepting a Tony Award one day soon."
          Sam Maher, YesBroadway

"Blanck lends beauty and nuance to a tough, Dust Bowl-stricken and widowed young mother."
          Allison Walls, Exeunt NYC

"Kim Blanck conveys pioneer strength with her tender performance as Kai."
          Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene

"Kim Blanck, standing out with her vocal performance of the song 'Burning Bright'..."
          Hayley Levitt, Theatermania

"Ms. Backhaus's stories, vivid with the colors of human experience, are a vital defense against sentimentality. So are the actors, with not a weak link in the bunch."
          Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"As the mischievous Puck, Kim Blanck commands the stage, laughing gleefully while carrying out Oberon's bidding."
          Amanda Etchinson, BroadwayWorld

"The kaleidoscopic production is multicolored and multicultural, from Bollywood movements to the black-leather punk-rocker attitude of Kim Blanck's saucy Puck."
          Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch

"They keep the spirit of the piece fun and entertaining, specifically the karaoke rendering of Heart belted by Blanck."
          Jason Rost, Theater Is Easy

"Kim Blanck really astounded me in 'Ex Machina' ... Rather than play Iris as a nagging harpy (which would have been the obvious choice), Blanck brought a seductive bad-girl feel to the role ... [She] also has perfect comic timing, which is essential for a play that could easily get bogged down in all the misery of its subject matter. By the end of the show, she had the audience so thoroughly enthralled that her slightest movement or breath had them in hysterics."
          Zachary Stewart, Theatermania
          "Top 3 FringeNYC Performances"

"Blanck, who can [sing] and has impeccable comedic timing throughout the show, has only one thing to say at the end of the skit..."
          Cristina Merrill, Jester Journal

"It almost seems unfair that this massive group seems to be hogging all of the funniest, smartest, best-looking performers with incredible voices and impeccable hand-eye coordination."
          Grace Evans, Bust Magazine

"The laughs came from every actor, and all of them delivered perfectly. Each character in this unpredictable [piece] was so unique, they seemed to play off one another just right. There was never a dull moment."
          Philadelphia City Paper